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Big changes to our referral programs!

November 8, 2021

We are really excited to announce big changes to our referral programs. We’re growing everywhere and we want to get as many people signed up as we can.

Refer residential customers

Previously, when you referred someone who became a residential customer, you received a free month. This was great for you but it didn’t really give your referral anything. 

NOW, both you and your referral will earn a month of service credit when they sign up! 

We will give you up to $550 per year of service credits. That means, if you refer 10 neighbors, you’ll only have to pay for 2 months of Sail service each year.

How to start referring

Click the button and sign up for our referral program with your Google ID, Facebook ID, or create an email login. You’ll receive a unique link to share through text, email, or social posts. When anyone uses it, you’ll earn credit once they pay their first bill.

Sign up here

Refer business customers to earn even more!

We haven’t had a business referral program before but it’s clear we need one! While our residential service is always the highest speed we can get to a property, businesses often require flexibility depending on the number of employees. So we’re offering different rewards for referring different businesses. 

When you refer a business who wants our standard service, we’ll give you a gift card for $100.

When you refer a business who needs our faster speeds, we’ll give you a gift card for $300.

When you refer a business who wants our gigabit service, we’ll give you a gift card for $500!

How to start referring businesses

We use the same platform to track business and residential referrals, but you must join each program separately. (You can use the same credentials; you just have to join separately.) Click the button below to join the business referral program. You’ll receive a unique link to share with any business who might want our service. 

Join both our residential and business programs to earn free service credits and money in your pocket!

Start referring businesses

Any questions?

Our support team is here to help. Call or email any time. 

(844) 438-8484

Internet upload and download speeds may vary based on connection type and other factors outside of Sail Internet's control. Free standard installation applies to all residential orders. However, requested custom wiring may cause additional fees - added cost(s) will be communicated prior to installation. Sail residential Gigabit service is currently only available at select condos and apartments. Contact us for more information at 844.438.8484 or