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Demand Action from the FCC! We All Deserve Better Broadband.

Posted August 02, 2017 by Kevin Fisher

Together, we can help all Americans get better home internet.

On June 21, filed a petition with the FCC, proposing that the 3.7 – 4.2 GHz band be made available for point-to-multipoint fixed wireless companies.

If the giant cellular, chip, and equipment vendors have their way, we may lose our fastest and best opportunity to create a competitive broadband market in the United States.

Sail Internet is a wireless ISP in the San Francisco Bay Area. We provide affordable high-speed broadband fixed wireless internet access in suburban areas that for too long have experienced high prices, uneven speed, data caps, poor service and a lack of competition. In addition, the current large providers frequently lack transparent pricing, and bundle internet access with extra services that many consumers don't really want.

Prior to our arrival in the market, many of our customers had only one ISP option that provided true broadband speeds.Even this provider had poor/uneven upload speeds that previously limited customers from taking full advantage of cloud services such as online backup and effectively working from home (uploading large files, VoIP and video conferencing).

And while this may come as a surprise given that we serve Silicon Valley, some of our suburban service areas (both residential and business) previously had NO broadband internet options prior to our arrival. For whatever reason, the big providers chose not to invest in these areas.

As you can imagine, availability of spectrum below 5GHz for point-to-multipoint wireless internet would make a huge positive impact for companies like Sail Internet, enhancing our ability to offer service more broadly and creating more options for suburban consumers and businesses.

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