Stream your way to the new year

Famly watching streaming entertainment

After a year of lockdowns stemming from a global pandemic, you hardly need our encouragement to stream more movies and shows. But here it is!

Streaming together

Whether you’re safely gathering together with loved ones or virtually hanging out, you don’t need to miss out on the fun of watching a movie or show. Thrillist has a great article to guide you through streaming together.

Holiday Favorites

Just because you don’t use a traditional television service, it doesn’t mean you’ll miss holiday favorites or family entertainment.

Hulu has curated a great selection of holiday movies. CBSAllAccess has a playlist of classic holiday television episodes. And NBC’s Peacock service has been doing an “advent calendar” with short holiday-themed content each day.

Movie premieres

Christmas has traditionally been a huge season for movie releases from blockbusters timing their release for maximum exposure to serious films getting their release in time for Oscar consideration. While the pandemic has seriously hurt the industry’s theatrical capabilities, many studios are finding creative ways to release films everywhere through streaming platforms.

Pixar’s latest release, Soul, will premiere on Disney+ on Christmas Day. Soul follows Disney’s live-action Mulan in premiering on the company’s streaming service.

Warner Brothers’ Wonder Woman 1984 will be released to HBOMax and in theaters (where possible) simultaneously. That is a notable decision for what was to be a summer blockbuster release and faced numerous reschedulings. But even bigger news came out of that decision. 

Warner Brothers announced this month that their entire 2021 slate of releases will be released on HBOMax concurrent to their theatrical release.


If you’d rather tuck into a longer series this winter, every service has you covered.

There is no better time to catch up on The Mandalorian on Disney+ to discover what everyone is talking about in that season 2 finale.

Disney+ is hardly the only service to offer awesome drama. Netflix’s Queen’s Gambit is seriously binge-worthy. Amazon just dropped season 5 of the amazing sci-fi series, The Expanse. Hulu’s The Hardy Boys is aimed at children and families.

Don’t discount some of the big network streaming services either. NBC’s Peacock service has a wealth of your favorite series and movies to stream. CBSAllAccess has been rolling out new and exclusive series through their service.

Data Caps

Of course, it’s not all easy sailing for internet users. Comcast announced that early next year, it will begin charging Xfinity customers $10 for each 50GB of data over their “cap.”

This has people worried that other big name service providers will follow suit. It’s a strong likelihood given that most providers have been intricately tied to particular content. Comcast and ViacomCBS entered a new deal earlier this year. If you’re buying access to their network, they’d prefer you watch their shows, of course.

If you’re a Sail user, you know you’ll be able to stream without worrying about overage charges or throttled speed because you hit an arbitrary data cap. We don’t cap data!

Don’t have Sail yet? Check your address to see if we can serve you.

However you stream, we hope you’ll have safe holidays and a happy new year!