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  • Such a breath a fresh air to be using Sail internet after having dealt with Comcast Xfinity and their sub-par speeds and customer service for years!

    Shiv, Santa Clara 

  • The service is great! Bring more customers. Good service, friendly interface and reliable internet. Thank you

    Mario J., Fremont 

  • Coming from AT&TU-Verse, Internet through Sail is like stepping into future. With Sail, 205Mbps down and 47Mbps up. All that for significantly less money every month.

    Tam V., Fremont 

  • I’m so happy with the speed and the price, used to be with AT&T and Comcast and now I'm happy to switch to Sail!

    Eva C., Fremont 

  • A great start and looking forward to using Sail for along time. The speed is much better and reaches all corners of my house, even the previous dead zones. Go Sail.

    Pranav W., Fremont