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Ready to Cut The Cord?

Are you new to the world of cord cutting? With Sail Internet, you’ll enjoy a faster connection and unlimited data so there is virtually no reason to use a cable service for your television. A lot of users still hesitate to cut the cord completely. There are three big reasons for their hesitation: live tv, sports events, and phone service.


Live TV

There are many reasons to hang on to that live television experience. Whether it is an ongoing show or just live news, a live feed on your television just makes sense. We’re far enough into the streaming era now that you don’t need to worry about missing live broadcasts once you cut the cable.

YouTube TV and Hulu each provide a simple way to get live tv over a streaming connection. Sling is another option that even offers a way to enjoy local channels through your television.

Combine any of these services with Roku for an integrated experience that makes switching between services as easy as changing channels on a remote.

Expect more streaming services to carry live events as the cable-free future unfolds. Even Amazon Prime has begun broadcasting live football games. Which brings us to the number one hesitation to cutting the cable: sports.

These are some of the prices and features to expect.

Service Features Price starts at
YouTube TV Live TV from 70+ channels. Local sports & news. $49.99 / month
Hulu TV Live sports, news, entertainment, and access to the entire Hulu streaming library $54.99 / month
ATT TV NOW Live primetime favorites, breaking news, non-stop sports, and thousands of on-demand titles $55 / month


Dedicated sports fan have been held captive by cable television throughout the streaming revolution. Because of those complex licensing agreements that sporting leagues have with broadcasters, they’ve been slow to adapt to the streaming culture. Thankfully, now, you have options.

Just like when choosing a streaming service for your movies and shows, you’ll have to explore your sporting options to select the right service for you. The key is to determine what teams or leagues you want to follow.

Roku and Sling have sports options. ESPN, the NFL, and many others offer coverage. Disney—which owns the major sports network ESPN—even offers a plan that combines Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN.

Unfortunately, there is no single solution to all your sports streaming needs. But we are getting closer to a future in which we choose exactly what we subscribe to.

These are some of the prices and features to expect.

Service Features Price starts at
Disney+, Hulu, ESPN Everything Disney, Hulu's streaming library, and ESPN $12.99 / month
ESPN Live events, original series $4.99 / month
Fubo TV 100+ channels including sports $54.99 / month

Movies and shows

We’re in a golden age of streaming shows and movies. Besides Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime, every major movie network has their own streaming app: HBO, Starz, Showtime.

If you’re a dedicated Hulu or Amazon Prime user, you can even add on the movie services you prefer to build your own entertainment package.

These are some of the prices and features to expect.

Service Features Price starts at
Netflix Thousands of movies and series as well as tons of top quality original content. $8.99 / month
Hulu Thousands of movies and series, currently airing television series, and lots of original content. $5.99 / month
Prime Video Original series, classic series, movies, international features. Included with Amazon Prime. $8.99 / month
HBO Now All of HBO's original series, movies, and documentaries. Plus a rotating showcase of recent and classic movies. $14.99 / month
Starz Original series, original movies, and tons of recent and classic movies. $4.99 / month
Showtime Original series, original movies, and tons of recent and classic movies. $10.99 / month
Mubi A hand-picked selection of the best films $10.99 / month


That brings us to the other major sticking point: hardware. What technology do you need to stream on your television? Thankfully, you now have many options.

Google’s Chromecast, Apple TV, and Amazon’s Fire Stick work with the television you already have. They plug into the HDMI input and after an easy setup through an app, the device recognizes your WiFi and allows you to “broadcast” from your mobile device to your tv. That is, your phone can act like your remote. Open up your preferred streaming app (like Netflix) on your phone and choose to sent it to your Chromecast. Roku and Sling work similarly.

In other words, you have a lot of options.


Despite going through multiple services, you can still get everything you want for less than traditional cable service. A one-time purchase of the hardware is less than $100. Your monthly bill – even with sports and live television – might run $60-90.

Think of it like getting to choose exactly what you want instead of paying for 100s of channels you never watch.

Phone Service

If you still enjoy the convenience of a landline, going completely cable-free can spark an additional worry: how do I get a home phone? So many cable companies have become full service telecommunications companies that they own your experience from television, to internet, to phone.

Thankfully, there are plenty of options to get a phone without using one of the big cable companies. What you’ll likely want to do is use Voice Over IP (VoIP). That means running your phone over the internet service of your choice. In those cases, often you only pay for the hardware and number but the "service" is your internet provider.

Home solutions

Service Price starts at
MagicJack $49.99 includes one year of service
Ooma $99.99 No additional service required.

Business solutions

Service Price starts at
RingCentral $49.99 includes one year of service
Grasshopper $26 / month

If you have an existing phone number that you wish to keep, be sure to check with the provider on the number of days required to port your number over to their VoIP service.

Ready to ditch cable?

Sail Internet is ready to help you find the solution that works for your lifestyle. We know that restrictive contracts and plans limit your choices so we have no contracts and unlimited data.

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