Sail is perfect for working from home. Find out why!

Make distance learning a priority with Sail Internet

As schools close until next fall, we're all adapting to a new normal in education. Worrying about the internet connection you and your family use for work and school shouldn't be another concern on your list.

Sail Internet has a remote workforce. We understand the challenges and necessities to get work done remotely. We're building the network we want. Here's how that network can improve your life:

Upload speeds insure your kids don't miss a thing

Most internet providers hope you don't look at their upload speeds. Once, only intense YouTube personalities and gamers cared about how fast their uploads were. But in an era of social distancing, remote work, and distance learning, the public is finding out how important their upload speed is.

Upload speeds determine how smoothly your child's video and audio is delivered to the class. A glitchy signal –the sign of a slow upload speed – will interrupt their experience, slow their participation, and disrupt the class.

We want to make sure that doesn't happen.

No overage charges give you peace of mind

Hidden in the footnotes of most internet providers' terms is how much data they'll allow you to transfer before slowing down your signal or charging you extra.

If your children are distance learning, there's a good chance you're at home working as well. It's more important than ever that your data be unlimited.

We want to relieve you of that worry.

Sail's flat pricing means that you will never be charged for going over a certain amount of data transmitted in a month. As we adapt to distance learning and schools implementing online workflows for homework and classes, you shouldn't have to worry about how many things your child needs to upload or download.

Sail Internet wants to change the way we think about internet service

As much data as you need, delivered at the fastest speeds we can. No bundles, no complicated deals. Ready to change how you use the internet?

See how much our current customers love Sail Internet.

  • The service is great! Bring more customers. Good service, friendly interface and reliable internet. Thank you

    Mario J., Fremont 

  • Coming from AT&TU-Verse, Internet through Sail is like stepping into future. With Sail, 205Mbps down and 47Mbps up. All that for significantly less money every month.

    Tam V., Fremont 

  • I’m so happy with the speed and the price, used to be with AT&T and Comcast and now I'm happy to switch to Sail!

    Eva C., Fremont 

  • Crazy fast speed and crazy good price! Most excited about the 48Mbps upload speeds! Very helpful and friendly staff all the way up to the CEO Thanks!

    Kevin E., Milpitas 

  • Sail's customer services has also been excellent so far, from installation to daily operations. I highly recommend them to anyone who is in their service area.

    Tam V., Fremont 

  • A great start and looking forward to using Sail for along time. The speed is much better and reaches all corners of my house, even the previous dead zones. Go Sail.

    Pranav W., Fremont 

  • I've switched from Comcast to Sail and no regrets. I am getting constant download and upload speeds.The installation crew were professional and did excellent job. Their customer support staff is great proactively helping customers.

    Kesav K., Fremont