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Sail Brings Blazing Fast Internet to Townhome Community in San Jose

Posted May 10, 2018 by Sail Internet

May 10, 2018

SAN JOSE, CA    When Sail Internet brought high-speed internet to The Globe and Plant 51 condominium communities in downtown San Jose in late 2017, almost immediately the nearby residents started talking.

The message of better internet spread to the nearby Cahill Park community that has struggled with unreliable and overpriced internet service since it was built in 2004. Expensive, slow and undependable internet service became an ever-increasing pain point among the residents and frequent outages were the norm.

The Cahill Park community, located across the street from Plant 51 in downtown San Jose, contains 160 homes divided among 14 townhome-style buildings. This type of layout poses a unique set of challenges to internet service providers.

Multiple, distributed buildings, with less units per building and communications facilities that are equally as distributed, made it difficult to install newer technologies to improve the quality of the internet service. Older complexes are at an even further disadvantage, since properties before the late 1990s lack Gigabit capable internet infrastructure. ISPs have shied away from taking the necessary steps to maintain and upgrade services at these communities — until now.

“We have been waiting for over a decade for faster, better, and more affordable internet. We had limited choices with existing ISPs.  Sail Internet changed the equation for all of us who have been waiting for a better choice.” 
— Lucy H., Cahill Park resident

Sail Internet has solved the problem of bringing faster, more reliable and affordable internet to townhome communities such as Cahill Park. With Sail, townhome-style complexes can now get affordable fiber-caliber internet service at a fraction of the cost and time to implement.

Cahill Park residents now enjoy more than 300 Mbps download and 100 Mbps upload speeds, along with Sail Internet’s policy of ‘No Contracts and No Data Caps,’ and its 5-star customer service. They have cut the cord and are free to stream away without restrictions. The Cahill residents are now blazing online.

A great internet experience is not only about the speeds, but the quality of service, customer support and choice. As we expand, Sail Internet is bringing service and choice to the homes and businesses in the Silicon Valley.

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