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Dear Sail

Posted August 01, 2017 by Sail Internet

We received this email yesterday from a customer who has captured the growing frustration for lack of good quality and affordable internet at home. This is why we have taken the bold step to create Sail Internet. We want to bring a better internet choice to the Bay Area and beyond. We welcome your comments and stories and will send you a something for your efforts. Sail on!

Dear Sail, 

I'm in the Cambrian area of San Jose and my choices are, ATT, Comcast and Sonic (DSL, not Fiber). You know all about ATT and Comcast and what their issues are.  Sonic has been a decent alternative in the past but while they are deploying Fiber in the SF area they aren't coming to the South Bay any time soon. Add to the frustration that they are charging those of us with bonded DSL more than they charge their Fiber customers and they are starting to do things more like traditional ISP's like mandatory equipment rentals, year long agreements and install fees and suddenly the once golden ISP is very much tarnished.  

I'm getting only 25Mb/s down and 2Mb/s up and spending a pretty hefty chunk of change for the privilege. I see you are in Fremont and are starting to get a foot print in San Jose so here's to hoping you can find a way to get a presence in the Cambrian area (my zip is 95124) sometime soon.  

Due to the cost and the games that Sonic is playing, I'm very tempted to jump ship to ATT for faster speed and a lower price for a year but I'd much prefer to get your service instead.  If you have any plans to come to my area any time soon, please let me know before I go off and get into a one year agreement.  

I'm not overly concerned about ATT's 1TB cap for now because we don't really stream anything other than some youtube (kids phones) and once in a while. I don't anticipate needing to stream much more in the coming year but at some point I'm sure OTT TV will take over more and I might need something after my year with ATT.  

Please let me know if there is a chance you might come down here so that I can properly plan my ISP choice for the next couple of years.


P.B. in San Jose

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