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Sail News: Fall 2016

Posted November 01, 2016 by Sail Internet

Blazing Into the Bay Area

Sail Internet is changing the way homes and businesses connect to the internet through wireless technology. Watch our video to how we are revolutionizing internet access with new breakthrough technology.

Sail is Changing the Game

We've had people stop us to ask what's on their neighbor's roof. These small dinner-plate-sized devices are radios. Not just ordinary radios, but high-speed, high-tech and low-power ones that can connect you to a fiber source and provide amazing speeds.

In early 2016, we launched our service in the Warm Springs area of Fremont, CA. Our customers enjoy blazing 100-200 Mbps downloads and 30-50 Mbps upload speeds.

Sail Internet is now making plans to expand our service area. We've had great response on our website and that helps us know where there's demand. Everyone who checks for availability with their address boosts the chances that we'll Sail there next. Let us know you want better internet.

We're Listening!

We’ve been flooded with requests (even during the drought!) to expand our service area. It’s clear that there’s a hunger for better internet. Here are some of the messages we’ve received encouraging us and expressing frustration with their current choices. Some inspire us and some make us laugh. We won’t mention these companies by name, though as you know, there aren’t many options.

I want an alternative. They embody evil and corruption!

I'm tired of duopoly that exists in this market and am looking for an alternative. Sail Internet seems very customer focused unlike, well, you know who.

They just raised my rates – again.

I think what your team is doing is brilliant and sorely needed given the current alternatives for internet access in this area.

My service is expensive, with highly variable performance and frequent stability issues. Would love an alternative!

Please come to San Jose and save us from Lucifer himself!

Please help us!! Thank you!! My fingers and toes are crossed!!

Thank You for the Positive Reviews

Our customers are loving their Sail Internet service. Check out what they have to say about their service on our Yelp page.

Kevin Fisher presents Sail Internet to the StartX audience at Stanford.

Sail Completes Stanford's StartX Program

On October 2, Stanford's StartX program showcased their best new startups at their Campus Demo Day. The most passionate, innovative and talented founders were invited to participate. Kevin Fisher, Sail Internet co-founder and Chief Executive Officer was ready to present to the Stanford audience of students, faculty and investors.

Earlier this summer, the Sail team was accepted into StartX, a startup accelerator designed for Stanford’s top entrepreneurs. Three of Sail’s co-founders have degrees from Stanford. The StartX program has a large network of entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and domain experts to mentor founders on all aspects of growing their startup.

Ready to Cut the Cord?

With Sail Internet, you'll enjoy a faster connection and save by paying for only the additional services you need. Check out our updated Cord Cutting Guide.

Better Internet Is Coming

TThank you for continuing to support Sail Internet. We are determining where to expand our service based on community interest. Help reduce the wait for better internet service by sharing our story with your friends and neighbors.

We look forward to bringing fast and affordable internet service to everyone soon!

The Sail Internet Team

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