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Sail Takes Cupertino Oak Park Terrace Condo Residents from 3 to 300 Mbps

Posted October 08, 2017 by Sail Internet

October 8, 2017

FREMONT, CA   Imagine living next door to the the world's largest information technology company while enduring such slow internet service that even paying bills online is a challenge. Although the FCC has recently suggested that residential consumers may only need 10 Mbps download and 1 Mbps upload speeds, most of us would agree that is far from adequate for even basic online functioning at home.

Oak Park Terrace, a community of 46 upscale residences located next to Apple Headquarters in Cupertino, CA has spent the last 9 years with speeds so slow that even the FCC would say is inadequate. With zero options for high speed internet and available downloads in the 3-6 Mbps range, the unhappy tenants were weary of big telecom promises that never materialized.

When a group of residents discovered Sail Internet online, their messages made the Sail team take notice. 

There are over 40 units at our complex and a high percentage are eager to ditch AT&T 6 Mbps DSL.” 

“Really tired of having basic DSL connection in today's age and time. Looking forward to some high speed internet at a reasonable cost. Your technology looks promising. I hope it comes to my condo and all neighbors will be able to enjoy this great service!”

Having recently installed service with blazing 200-300 Mbps downloads at the Montebello Cinnamon Fern condo community in Fremont, CA, the Sail team got to work finding a solution for this Cupertino building that was located in a fiber dead zone.  

Sail partnered with a motivated group of residents and the HOA board to come up with an attractive internet service proposal that met the needs of the residents.  Sail then used innovative network design methods along with a new generation of low-power fixed-wireless equipment to bring affordable fiber-caliber internet access to this previously under-served location. 

With their internet now unleashed with speeds reaching 300 Mbps down and 100 Mbps up, Oak Park Residents are now online 100x faster than before. A Goliath of a building had been conquered.

As the Sail network expands, other multiple dwelling buildings may qualify for these fiber-like speeds. Contact Sail at to bring ultra-fast internet service to your building or signup at

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