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Sail Brings Blazing Fast Internet to Downtown San Jose Condo Community

Posted November 17, 2017 by Sail Internet

November 17, 2017

SAN JOSE, CA  Just in time for the holidays, Sail brings super-fast internet service to The Globe, located in the heart of downtown San Jose. The Globe is a condominium community brimming with character and forward-looking leadership, but for the past 10 years the residents have been waiting for high speed internet. Downloads of less than 15 Mbps and uploads of just 1 Mbps were the norm with the community’s existing DSL provider. The big monopoly providers ignored repeated requests from the residents for an alternative. 

“We asked Comcast to provide service and we waited two years for them to install the cabling. We still don’t have Comcast service yet.” —Globe resident

At The Globe, the ability to stream videos and work from home had become increasingly difficult over time.  As more and more tech workers and professionals moved into the community, the poor internet service became an ever-increasing pain point among the residents.

After the frustration reached a boiling point, residents of The Globe reached out to Sail Internet to bring blazing fast internet to their building and signed up en masse at the Sail Internet website. In less than 60 days from first contact, Sail delivered high speed internet to the entire community.

Sail customer speed test during install on Nov. 16, 2017.

The Globe residents now enjoy up to 300 Mbps download and 100 Mbps upload speeds, along with Sail Internet’s policy of ‘No Contracts and No Data Caps,’ and its 5-star customer service. The residents have now taken control of their own internet destiny.

“All of my downloads are lightning fast as well as uploads. I would highly recommend others to switch to Sail. It’s cheaper and 10 times faster than the DSL service I had before. It’s nice to see a smaller company beat the larger companies that nickel and dime you for everything, lock you into a contract and have poor customer technical support”
Sean, New Sail customer and Globe resident

A great internet experience is not only about the speeds, but the quality of service, customer support and choice. As we expand, Sail Internet is bringing service and choice to the homes and businesses in the Silicon Valley.

Are you living in downtown San Jose and unhappy with your current internet options? What are you waiting for! Sign-up now at

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