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Sail Internet Features no contract, no data caps, just internet

The Sail Internet Idea

Sail Internet began with a simple vision that required a deep understanding of complex technology. The vision was to provide high-speed internet access to everyone, across the arbitrary borders that larger companies did not cross. Founders Kevin Fisher and George Ginis had spent their careers developing the technology, software, and systems that could make this possible.

Since installing our first customer in 2016, Sail Internet has grown to serve over…

  • 13 cities
  • 34 multi-unit complexes
  • 90 businesses
  • and 3000+ customers

A little about us

Sail uses fiber and cutting-edge fixed wireless technology to bring high-speed internet service over the “last mile” to your home or business.

Often, this blend of technologies means that we provide a fiber connection to a relay point. That relay then beams a wireless signal to individual receivers in a neighborhood.

Fixed wireless can deliver a signal that results in 300Mbps downloads and 200 Mbps uploads when serving apartment, condo, or townhome complexes. Single houses enjoy 200 Mbps downloads and 100 Mbps uploads.

We provide business internet service as well. We reach businesses in a number of ways and can provide customized service and speeds including direct fiber connections.

With flat prices, no contracts, no data caps, and no bundles Sail Internet offers you a real choice in high-speed internet while providing excellent customer service.

Internet upload and download speeds may vary based on connection type and other factors outside of Sail Internet's control. Free standard installation applies to all residential orders. However, requested custom wiring may cause additional fees - added cost(s) will be communicated prior to installation. Sail residential Gigabit service is currently only available at select condos and apartments. Contact us for more information at 844.438.8484 or sales@sailinternet.com