Our Team

Sail Internet is improving the internet access experience for consumers and businesses.

Kevin Fisher


Kevin has spent most of his career revolutionizing the high speed internet access experience for consumers and businesses. He has received more than 20 U.S. patents and his team developed the core technology behind the award-winning line of 2Wire HomePortal devices deployed by AT&T/U-verse and other major phone companies. Kevin has a passion for making new technology accessible, easy-to-use, and affordable on a mass scale.

Dana Tom

Head of Customer Development

Dana is a veteran of the video game industry, where he developed best-selling EA Sports titles. He combined engineering and art to create cutting-edge technology that was beautiful, innovative, and fun. He is active in the community, having served on his locally elected school board and taking leadership roles among school board members in his state. Dana brings passion, ingenuity, and a drive to help people to the Sail team.

George Ginis

Head of Technology

George is a pioneer in developing patented technology and software products that enable Telecom Service Providers to increase the data rate and reliability of high speed internet access lines. Through his work at ASSIA, George led the development of products currently used by Telcos for managing over 80 million broadband subscriber lines around the world. George is now driven to bring reliable, fixed wireless internet access to Sail customers.