Sail is perfect for working from home. Find out why!

Work from home without worrying about video call glitches

More and more frequently, businesses are discovering that the best team may not live in the same area. Remote teams are becoming the norm rather than an exception.

Managing a remote team presents a new set of challenges. Internet service shouldn't be one of them.

Sail Internet offers features that are ideal for those who work from home.

Upload speeds that crush the competition

Often overlooked by the typical residential customer, upload speeds are crucial for the remote worker. After all, it is your upload speed that determines how smoothly your signal will be transmitted to your co-workers on a video call. Don't be the glitchy one.

No overage charges

Sail's flat pricing means that you will never be charged for going over a certain amount of data transmitted in a month. This is essential for those who work from home and must upload documents and files for coworkers.

No commitment. Unlimited commits.

Sail's residential service requires no contract. Remote work is all about flexibility. You don't have to worry about tangled contracts.

And with no data cap, you don't have to worry how many times you push your commits.

Are you a business owner looking to improve your remote capabilities?

At Sail Internet, our service enables remote working like no other ISP. That's because: our upload speeds outpace the competition; we have no data caps; and we don't bundle services you don't need.

Do you pay for your employees’ internet service?

We're the perfect service for the business that needs to provide service to remote employees but doesn't want all the phones, television, and sports packages that most ISPs upsell.

More importantly, we understand remote working because we are a remote team – centered in the Bay Area but spread across the country. Let us be your trusted partner in creating a high-tech, remote workforce.

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See how much our current customers love Sail Internet.

  • The service is great! Bring more customers. Good service, friendly interface and reliable internet. Thank you

    Mario J., Fremont 

  • Coming from AT&TU-Verse, Internet through Sail is like stepping into future. With Sail, 205Mbps down and 47Mbps up. All that for significantly less money every month.

    Tam V., Fremont 

  • I’m so happy with the speed and the price, used to be with AT&T and Comcast and now I'm happy to switch to Sail!

    Eva C., Fremont 

  • Crazy fast speed and crazy good price! Most excited about the 48Mbps upload speeds! Very helpful and friendly staff all the way up to the CEO Thanks!

    Kevin E., Milpitas 

  • Sail's customer services has also been excellent so far, from installation to daily operations. I highly recommend them to anyone who is in their service area.

    Tam V., Fremont 

  • A great start and looking forward to using Sail for along time. The speed is much better and reaches all corners of my house, even the previous dead zones. Go Sail.

    Pranav W., Fremont 

  • I've switched from Comcast to Sail and no regrets. I am getting constant download and upload speeds.The installation crew were professional and did excellent job. Their customer support staff is great proactively helping customers.

    Kesav K., Fremont