Streaming Services You Know and Love

Mix and match your favorite streaming platforms to create the perfect personalized viewing package.

Break away from cable — finally

Escape the limitations of traditional cable and embrace the power to choose what you watch, when you watch, and how you save.

Cost Savings

Why overspend on cable when streaming offers affordable options tailored to your preferences? Enjoy content without the extra expense of traditional bundles.


So long, channel surfing! Simplify your experience with on-demand entertainment. Catch every moment, from championships to your favorites, whenever it suits you.

No Data Caps

Stream to your heart’s content without worrying about data restrictions, ensuring an enhanced viewing experience.

Quality Content

Embrace streaming for instant access to TV shows, movies, and sports from around the world, all without the cable box clutter.


Dive into a diverse range of entertainment options, giving you the freedom to explore content that suits every mood and interest.

4k Streaming

Enjoy enhanced video quality with sharper images, brighter colors and better overall clarity with 4k streaming.

Become cable-free in 3 simple


Switch to lighting-fast internet

Sail’s high-speed, uncapped broadband for residential enables 4k streaming for the best viewing experience.

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Choose your streaming device

Buy the streaming device that aligns with your preferences and lifestyle.


Sign up for a streaming service

Discover a world of apps encompassing sports, live TV, movies, and much more.

Uninterrupted entertainment at your fingertips

Experience blazing fast internet speeds with Sail’s high-performance network, ensuring seamless streaming, smooth browsing, and reliable connectivity for all your online needs.

Choose your streaming device

There’s an abundance of streaming devices that cater to your preferences! Let’s jumpstart your journey with some top picks to explore.

Apple TV 4K

Experience Apple TV 4K, delivering stunning 4K HDR visuals for movies and shows. Its redesigned Home screen enhances immersion, while live streaming your preferred channels becomes effortless. Plus, enjoy exclusive access to the Apple Arcade.

Amazon Fire TV Cube

Get Amazon Fire TV Cube’s 4K Ultra HD capabilities and integrated Alexa for effortless voice control over the Cube and your connected devices. It’s also compatible with other devices and services like Amazon Prime, ensuring a comprehensive entertainment experience.

Sony Playstation

Sony PlayStation is a powerhouse that not only offers exceptional gaming but also serves as a dynamic streaming hub. With its gaming prowess seamlessly integrated into the entertainment landscape, PlayStation brings you a comprehensive entertainment experience like no other.


Xbox seamlessly transitions from intense gaming sessions to streaming your favorite content, all in one unified ecosystem. With Xbox’s cutting-edge capabilities, you’ll enjoy immersive visuals and a blend of gaming and entertainment, providing you with endless excitement.

Smart TVs

Magnify your streaming experience with SmartTVs, seamlessly integrating entertainment and technology. SmartTVs provide a user-friendly interface, giving you convenient control over your entertainment options and ensuring endless hours of enjoyment.

Google Chromecast Ultra

Transform your mobile device into a remote! The device automatically optimizes streaming quality according to your internet speed, supporting both HD and 4K streaming. Gain control over your devices from any location with voice activation and Google Assistant integration.

Select a streaming service

Need more reasons to break free from cable? You’ll find it hard to resist the incredible value and flexibility these services bring to your screen.


Uncover exclusive content and live streaming events with Peacock’s dynamic entertainment offerings.


Immerse yourself in a vast array of content and original productions with Netflix’s extensive catalog.

Amazon Prime Video

Access a diverse range of content, from free options to rentable movies, and enjoy exclusive Amazon Prime benefits.


Enjoy a variety of content, including currently broadcasting television shows and on-demand entertainment.


Dive into the exclusive world of Disney content and gain access to movies still in theaters.


Stay up-to-date with current sports events and enjoy diverse sports content with ESPN+.


Indulge in a wealth of content, including original productions, and access movies still in theaters.

Apple TV+

Explore a mix of free content, original productions, and rentable options on Apple TV+.


Delve into a variety of content and original productions with Paramount+.


Immerse yourself in a diverse range of content, including numerous original productions, with Starz.


Access a comprehensive range of live TV channels and streaming options with FuboTV.


Enjoy a variety of TV channels and on-demand content with Philo’s affordable streaming service.


Customize your TV experience with a variety of channel packages and enjoy flexible streaming with Sling.

YouTube TV

Access a variety of live TV channels, including professional and college sports, with YouTube TV.

Catch every game with live sports streaming

Get in on the action with streaming services that help you keep up with the professional and college sports teams you love.


NFL+ features live local and primetime regular season and post-season games, NFL Network access, live out-of-market pre-season games, game audio, on-demand library programming, ad-free game highlights, and convenient roster and waiver tools for NFL Fantasy+ users.

NBA League Pass

NBA League Pass offers fans access to live and on-demand games and additional content throughout the entire NBA season and offseason. This includes various game feeds, condensed game formats, NBA TV’s 24/7 stream, classic game archives, and full game archives from the 2012-2013 season onwards.


MLB.TV covers live regular season games, excluding nationally televised games in your area. MLB playoff games, the World Series, and the All-Star Game are not included in the live streaming package. Nationally televised and local games are typically accessible through regional sports networks or over-the-air stations.


PGA TOUR LIVE offers extensive coverage that includes over 3,200 fresh hours of live streaming content. This includes live broadcasting of 35 annual tournaments, ensuring at least 28 tournaments feature complete four-day coverage, accompanied by four simultaneous live feeds daily.


The Official NHL® app is your one-stop-shop for all things hockey including news, scores, stats, and game highlights.


Catch the San Francisco Giants and Golden State Warriors (or any local team you love) play their rivals on streaming services like Sling TV, DirecTV NOW, PlayStation Vue, and fuboTV. Learn more on our blog.