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That’s right — you can steer the ship. Choose what you want to watch with a custom streaming plan. MyBundle.TV offers over 160 streaming services, giving you freedom to cut the cord.


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Enjoy crisp, clear video calls and lightning-fast load times. Boost your work-from-home productivity and momentum.

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Need fast, dependable and fuss-free internet for your business? Sail also offers enterprise solutions with adjustable plans to accommodate businesses of any size.

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Do we offer Affordable Connectivity Program?

Yes. New and existing customers who have applied and are eligible for the Affordable Connectivity Program can get $30 off of their bill each month. For more information on how this program works please contact our support desk at 844-438-8484.

How does Sail provide internet service?

We provide high-speed internet to your home or business using a reliable fixed wireless technology. After we install a small device on your roof, you’ll be wirelessly connected to high-speed, fiber sourced internet. With a clear fixed signal path to your home or business, we can utilize low-cost frequency bands, instead of the costly and congested cellular bands. Sail’s innovative strategy delivers residential service with blazing-fast speeds up to 400 Mbps downloads to single family homes and up to Gig speed to condos and apartments for an affordable, flat monthly rate.

What will Sail install?

Sail’s licensed and insured technicians install:

  • a few small low-power wireless devices on your rooftop
  • an outdoor service box that connects to your AC power
  • and a robust WiFi router inside your home.
Is the connection secure and private?

Sail uses advanced encryption technology for wirelessly transmitted data to protect the privacy of the internet connection. In addition, Sail does not sell or share your information or browsing history.

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