Sail uses advanced encryption technology for wirelessly transmitted data to protect the privacy of the internet connection. In addition, Sail does not sell or share your information or browsing history.

We work with HOA management to determine the best way to serve an entire HOA. If you are interested in becoming the Relay Hub Home for your HOA, we recommend that you reach out to us and introduce us to your HOA management so that we may all work towards the best solution.

In short, no. All equipment used by Sail Internet complies with FCC regulations and all applicable standards related to electromagnetic radiation. In fact, the methods used by Sail Internet to deploy wireless connections result in radiation levels much lower than many household electronic devices.

The Sail technology is similar to WiFi, with wireless signal levels similar to a smartphone or WiFi home router. Sail uses directional antennas, focusing the wireless signals only where intended.

Sail equipment consumes less than 100 Watts, similar to a single light bulb. In other words, the equipment we install will output a lower wireless signal than your mobile phone.

Installation of the equipment for a Relay Hub Home will take a few days over a two-week period. This is pretty different from our residential install which takes a few hours.