Posted by Chris Upton

Introducing Our Referral Program

December 31, 2018

Are you a Sail Internet fan? Current customers can now earn a $55 service credit for each referral that becomes a new Sail Internet customer.

Interest in a referral program for our customers has been overwhelming. For us, referrals just make sense. Unlike traditional ISPs whose signals get bogged down by too many users, Sail’s fixed wireless actually benefits from more users on the service.

To grow our user base and reward our current customers, we’ve made it easy for you to rescue friends from inferior internet service and earn a little something for yourself. Each referral earns you $55 in service credit. Combine that with an annual package and you can practically pay for a year of service by simply referring ten friends.

Ready to start earning free service? Choose how you wish to share—email, social or text—and we’ll do the rest. You can customize the message if you like. Track your referrals and status in our simple referral dashboard.

Invite your friends to switch to the speed and ease of Sail Internet’s fixed wireless service today!