Posted by Chris Upton

Choosing Your Wi-Fi Home Router

September 9, 2017

You’ll need a compatible wireless router to connect your devices to our service. You can provide your own WiFi home router, or you can let Sail handle it for you. 

Option 1: Supply Your Own Router

Single-Router Solution

If you would like to provide your own router, great! We suggest a high-performance AC1900 (condo/apt) or AC2300 (larger single family home) class WiFi router (or better) with external antennas to have the best online experience. 

Please note that AT&T U-Verse or Comcast combination cable modem/routers are not compatible. With Sail, your modem is in the rooftop antenna and no other modem is needed.

You’ll want to use a newer router model. Older routers will slow you down and diminish your online experience. If you use a non-recommended WiFi router, you might not reach our advertised speeds and you may have less than stellar WiFi coverage in your home. When you use a recommended WiFi router, your downloads and uploads will really fly.

For the best online experience, we suggest choosing a router that meets all of these criteria:

  • Standalone AC1900 class or higher (AC2400 or higher for large homes)
  • Is NOT an AT&T or Comcast modem/router
  • 802.11ac
  • External antennas
  • Dual-band or tri-band
Example: ASUS RT-AC87U

Multi-router “Mesh” Solution

A new category of high-end “coordinated” multi-box Wi-Fi home router products has recently hit the market. Instead of investing lots of engineering into a single high-end router with external antennas, these multi-device solutions provide several small coordinated routers (with internal antennas) that you can distribute throughout the home. These coordinated routers automatically beam the wireless signal between each other and to/from your devices to give you seamless Wi-Fi coverage throughout your home, with only one of the routers needing a “wired” Ethernet connection to your modem. While each of the router pucks may be rated at “only” AC1200, the total solution performance will usually exceed the performance of a single stand-alone router.

EeroGoogle WiFiOrbi offer multi-router mesh products. Check out our blog post about the Google WiFi router at Wi-Fi Mesh: So Long, Dead Zones

Google WiFi mesh 3-pack

Option 2: Choose Sail’s WiFi Router 

We have found that some Sail customers struggle with selecting and configuring their own Wi-Fi router, and need assistance to fully experience Sail’s blazing fast internet speeds. You can let Sail handle it for you. 

  • Sail Internet typically uses a Google Nest or Google WiFi router.
  • We install the home router and optimize the range to give the best possible coverage throughout your home. 
  • The cost is an additional $99.

If you need a router and would like setup help, the Sail WiFi router plan is a great value. If you feel confident in choosing your own router and setting up your own network, providing your own router is the way to go.

*Pricing may vary based on your location. Internet upload and download speeds are not guaranteed and may vary based on connection type and other factors outside of Sail Internet's control. Free standard installation applies to all residential orders. However, any custom wiring requests may result in a custom wiring fee which will be communicated prior to installation. Sail promotional offer includes a $150.00 virtual Mastercard. Offer only available to new residential customers using promo code CYBER150 at time of sale. Customers must be active and in good standing after 90 days to be eligible for Gift Card redemption. New Sail Internet customers not active or in good standing after 90 days of service will NOT BE ELIGIBLE for this $150.00 virtual Mastercard offer. New customers will not have had Sail Internet services within the past 60 days. Limit one offer per household. Offer expires 12/23/2022.